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Flanders Nature Center Launches New Letterboxing Series on Their Trails


Dive into the adventurous world of letterboxing at Flanders Nature Center this summer! Start with a set of clues to find the boxes that Flanders has set up all over their trails. Once you’ve found each box, inside you’ll find a stamp which you can use to fill up a special Flanders Passport. If you find all the letterboxes, your name will live in glory on a poster in the Nature Center (and you’ll get a small prize)!

Get all the information you need to start letterboxing online or at the Nature Center office. Each trail is about 30-45 minutes long. This activity is great for families and kids of all ages. Get hunting!

Click here for directions!

(Image courtesy of LBNA)

Bauer Buddies Camp: Farm Fanatics next week (7/6-7/10)


Ever wondered what it was like to work on a farm over 100 years ago? Enroll in Bauer Park‘s week long camp, Farm Fanatics for a chance to go back in time. Enjoy fun farm activities such as planting, making butter, making candles, playing early American games, and searching for historical farm artifacts. This camp is ideal for kids ages 6-9 and runs Monday through Friday from 1-4pm. Be sure to dress for the weather, bring lots of sunscreen, wear closed toed shoes, and bring a snack and water. There is a fee of $98 for this week long camp. Register online for this camp on the website or by calling 203-245-5623.

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