Monthly Archives: July 2014

Raptors on the Radio


Earth Out Loud’s awesomest summer moment? Hanging out in the WESU studios with an American Kestrel, a Barred Owl, and a pile of people who wanted to learn about them. Christine and Todd brought the birds to visit with EOL staff and with James and Alissa, second graders from Macdonough School. We learned so much — check out the archive of our WESU show to hear the whole half hour conversation. 

Migrating Monarchs


It’s September — and that means it’s time to start keeping an eye out for monarch butterflies on their way to Mexico! In recent years, monarchs have come through Connecticut in mid to late September, making a regular stop at Hammonasset State Park. To try to understand why monarch numbers are declining, scientists and citizens are carefully monitoring their numbers and locations as they travel. Get involved by keeping track of their migration at this web site and posting records of any monarchs you spot this fall!